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Introducing the RE-Appraisal!


RE-Appraisals are second appraisals for Real Estate Agents, Brokers and their clients.  If you believe your transactions are being jeopardized by poor quality appraisals, Woodbridge Appraisal Service will send an experienced, well trained professional to provide a realistic second opinion. 



Our appraisers will actually look at your comparables and consider your input!


Due to the implementation of the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC), many appraisers mistakenly believe they cannot talk with Realtors.  At Woodbridge Appraisal, we take a different approach.  We never want to be in a position where we have not considered all of the relevant facts and information.



Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the initial lender will be willing to work with the RE-Appraisal, but it will certainly add considerable credibility to your point of view.  In the event the lender will not budge, Woodbridge Appraisal will attempt to put you in contact with a correspondent lender, who will have more flexibility in choosing an appraiser.


A RE-Appraisal may be the best opportunity available to salvage a good deal gone bad!  It may also be the best way to help assure your customer that you are doing everything you can to sell their home for a fair price, or to help them buy the dream home they always wanted! 


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Be sure to ask about our Realtor Specials!


As with any appraisal, Woodbridge Appraisal Service cannot base an appraisal on a pre-determined result.  A RE-Appraisal will not help a transaction in which the property was over-priced to begin with, or has been bid-up above the actual market value of the property.


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